Mommy Mountain w/ Stroller - Cotton Castles Luxury  Diaper Cakes

Mommy Mountain

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This MOMMY MOUNTAIN is the Mega of all diaper cakes!

It includes over five tiers of over120 disposable size 2&3 diapers, baby accessories, Two outfits ( onesie/pants), Three sleepers, matching diaper bag, 4 onesies, 5 pairs of socks, 3 pacifiers, shoes, dozen washcloths, 4 rattles, toiletries, 6 bottles, 4 bibs, 2 burp cloths, assorted toys, 2 plush blankets, 3 receiving blankets, nail clippers, barrettes or caps, Sippy cups, 4 Teethers, comb and brush set, toothbrush, pillow infant neck rest, bottle scrubber, bowl, scratch mittens, pacifier clips, two Plushie bear ... It's the Mountain of All Babies