Build a Castle - Cotton Castles Luxury  Diaper Cakes

Build a Castle

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  • Each design includes a hidden BABY bank inside filled with matching 2 bottles, 2 bibs, scrubber, feeding bowl, washcloths and scratch mittens.
  • Sit back and watch your Castle come to life!
  • Feel free to contact a Designer for assistance
  • Three tier designs include 70 disposable diapers, 3 bibs, Plushie bear, 3 mini toiletries, Teether and 2 pair socks, hat pacifier, 4 washcloths and onesie.
  • Four tiers design includes 100 disposable diapers, Plushie blanket, 4 bibs, 2 burp cloths, 2 socks,2 receiving blankets, bowl, comb and brush, two pacifiers, Plushie bear, toys, 2 bottles, 2 onesies, Teether and shoes
  • ««cake stand not included»»»
  • 5 tiers design (all items in 4 tiers included) plus addt'l receiving blankets, 3 sleepers, personalization, two mini Plushie toys, picture frame, toiletries and hat plus 20 more disposable diapers
  • 6 tiers design includes everything in the 5 tiers design add 25 addt'l disposable diapers, matching diaper bag, 4 bottles, 2 pants and 2 shirts, Hat, scratch mittens, Plushie bears, toiletries, spoons, comb and brush set, keepsake initial, shoes, headbands, rattles, swaddle blanket, and more